Welcome BGDers!!!

Hello all and welcome to my Beginning Game Development blog. My name is Tony (Also known as JranZu & Noctys is some gaming circles). I currently find myself unemployed as my previous employer moved their technical operations out of state and moving at the moment is not a real option for me. So I find I have some extra time and I decided to give back to the community that has been helping me with my programming skills for several years now.

My educational background is a mixture of college life at the Salt Lake Community College & the University of Utah. My three main focuses were in Computer Science, Genetic Engineering & Anthropology. Professionally I have done programming/design for computer based training, a bit of test engineering as well as some website design. I also spent about 5 years as a training manager creating training plans and doing some of the trainings. Hopefully I will be able to pull those skills together to create a unique tutorial system for my readers.

This blog will (someday) contain a series of tutorials aimed at the novice game developer to help them gain the knowledge needed to go on to more advanced topics. While writing these tutorials I will also be learning; although I have over 10 years of programming experience in everything from C++ to PHP I have only a few years of game programming experience and none professionally. So before I write a tutorial trust that I have researched it as well as I can & found the best way to create the program from a learning standpoint.

Because I am new to game programming I will make mistakes and there will probably be better ways of doing things. If you see something you think could be improved upon please let me know, constructive criticism is always welcome (while just plain negative comments will simply be deleted).

I plan to do the first tutorial set using C# (with Windows Forms) using Visual Studio 2010, later tutorial sets will use XNA, UDK & Unity3D.

XNA is a .NET framework specifically for game development that also uses C#; however, I strongly recommend you get a firm grasp of C# as well as the basics of game development before tackling XNA.

UDK & Unity3D are both game engines, they do most of the 3D programming work for you and then you add in scripts that would tell the game what to do. Both of the scripting languages are similar to C#, and each engine has its pluses and minuses.

Lastly, it is my opinion that legible code is better than slightly more efficient code. I also feel that it is important to have well documented code so that if you (or another programmer) want to revisit that code at a later date you can remember why you did something the way you did. Both of these skills will be focused on in early tutorials, and I hope that you (the readers) will continue those practices in your own programming.

But enough about me and my goals for this blog; on with the show!


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